Blutho Gate FAQs

How does Retract-A-Gate work?

Once the Mounting Brackets are installed, snap the retractable safety gate into the brackets.
The safety gate works by pulling the handle out from the reel of the gate and hooking it in place to the mounting brackets installed at the opposite side of the installation. Once the gate is hooked into the brackets, push and turn the locking mechanism to lock the gate in place. You are now able to keep your dogs contained!

Our retractable dog gates are secured by a dog-proof push and turn locking mechanism. Because of this, the retractable gate can be locked at any width up to the maximum width of the gate. Locking the retractable safety gate prevents it from being pushed out or pulled down. When passing through the safety gate, just push and turn the safety locking mechanism to unlock it, unhook the handle side from the brackets, and then guide the handle back into the reel side of the dog gate.

Is the mesh durable and what is it made from?

The mesh of the Blutho Gate is made from a tough, non-toxic, reinforced polymer composite. None of the gate components contain Lead, Phthalate, Latex or BPA chemicals and is formaldehyde-free. The safety gate is also UV and Mildew resistant. We have eliminated these chemicals in all our products to avoid putting those types of chemicals around your dogs or child. You can see through the mesh, yet the mesh is very durable and in other applications, the mesh is used as truck tarps to hold down cargo.

Can my dog jump over or bust through the gate?

Blutho Gate is the tallest available with a mesh height of 33 inches. When the gate is locked, the mesh is held in place and will not retract out any further making it difficult to push down. The mesh of the dog gate is thinly spaced which makes the gate difficult for dogs to climb over. Most dogs are unable to jump over the gate unless specifically trained or encouraged to do so.

Will my child be able to climb over the gate?

With a mesh height of 34 inches, Blutho Gate is the tallest available. When locked, the mesh is held taut, so it is difficult to push or pull down. Blutho Gate’s tightly woven mesh fabric is thinly spaced which negates a baby's ability to gain a foothold to climb over.

Can I clean the Retract-A-Gate if it gets dirty? 

The Blutho Gate can be cleaned with mild soap and water. If you are dealing with stubborn stains that will not come out with soap, you can use rubbing alcohol without damaging or degrading the integrity of the safety gate.